Where have all the men gone? Day 6

Tomorrow is the big day. I want you to pray that God will speak to us. We need men in the church for it to be a living church. I want the men of the world to know Jesus for who he really is. I am sick of men not seeking God for themselves. We sit in the pew and let someone else tell us who Jesus is. I want to know him intimately on a very personal level.

We need to seek after him with all of our heart. We need to go after him like we would go after a lover. Imagine a teenage boy chasing after a teenage girl. I want to have that kind of passion for Christ. I want that yearning for him. The kind of desire that can only be satisfied by being in his presence. Like a lovers embrace.

5 thoughts on “Where have all the men gone? Day 6

  1. This was a great message don’t sit in the fish bowl get out and be fishers of men. The lamb was the lamb of God died for all sin. The lamb is who is coming back the lion is. I pray I never forget that.


    1. Oh I would not expect a lamb to fight the final battle. A lion who has the strength and intensity to conquer will over come the bad principalities of this evil world. Our human brain is not capable of understanding this battle. And how victorious the Lord’s army will be. We fight against these evils everyday of our lives but most of them we can’t see. But they will be visible to humans during Armageddon. People need to get ready. I need to get ready!!!!


  2. Big Daddy Weave
    “The Lion and the Lamb”
    I personally need a sermon that will bring me to my knees in reverent pain for the sin in my life. I need a Lion sermon that will scare me straight. I hear the lamb and live the lamb life. I need to be aware of his hunger for me to bow before Him as my King! People are afraid of God as the Lion. That’s what is wrong with us. Please share more of the Lion. Please!!!!!


  3. Don’t let us run and hide from God because we think He is weak and is all love, and would never be mad at us. He will come back when He has had enough. We need to know more about the Lion and His fierce love and desire for us to wake up!


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